Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last Weekends Finds

Went to an estate sale and the thrift last weekend and here are the goodies I brought home.

I happen to  LOVE this first item soooo much!

As you can see it was 1$  and I fully plan to use it for weekend trips!

It is in perfect condition.

Darling clear sewing box with goodies inside

Close up of the pretty vintage pink buttons, they are soo much pinker in real life!

A tree topper, headed to the shoppe.

How funny is this, I do not want a single thing inside the pot, but I love the pot!

I will just add all the junk inside to my yard sale pile.

Some tiny vintage ornaments.

A vintage Japanese Reindeer  LOVE him!

This is the super exciting part... Look at all the vintage sheets!  woo hoo
Will be cutting these up for the shop... may not cut up the yellow one... we shall see.

My cute son spotted this tool box, he carries his cars around in it. 

Here it is on the shelf in the littles bedroom.

A stack of aluminum cups... will be using these by the pool:)

This is not a great picture of it, but it is a pink milk bottle from Italy.  LOVE it!

Pretty successful weekend!

Tomorrow is Fri all ready, where has this week gone?


Wendy said...

Awesome finds! I love the sheets & I would have bought the pot, too!


What fantastic finds! How do you do it? That suitcase was worth the trip all on its own. I too like the big pot. I no longer buy things that need to go into long term storage. But if I did... I would so have bought all those linens and suitcase. Guess I'll have to get some of the linens when they show up in the shop. Congrats!