Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beach Trip

A couple Monday's ago Tiffanie and I decided to head to the beach for something fun to do with the kids. The weather was a pretty typical Nor Cal pacific coast beach day... 64ish and overcast.  Didn't stop us from staying until 6pm though.

Gabby and Graham

 Gabby brought her friend Willow
 From Left to right: Gwen's friend Izzy, Gen, Me and Scarlette, Graham, Gabby, Willow and  my friend Stacey.
 Tatum and Karson
 Stacey thought it would be funny to take a pic of me taking a picture:)
 Graham needed to pee so just dropped his drawers in the middle of the beach!
 Realizing that there are people around...
Quickly pulling up pants

Cute big and little kids playing in the sand.
Tatum getting her diaper changed with a super sandy face!
Gwen, Stacey and Graha, going for a run on the beach.
Tiff and sandy face  Tatum
Scarlette was off on an adventure.
Stacey, Gwen, Graham and Izzy frolicking on the beach
My break dance boy can even do his moves on the sand.

Pile of cute kids
Everyone but Tiff and I who were taking pics...
Graham and Scarlette playing in the sand:)
Me and Scarlette with a sand mustache... because she really likes to eat the sand... by the hand full!

Stacey and Graham

Tiff and Karson... notice tiff's sweat shirt.....

It was a fun day had by all!