Monday, July 19, 2010

Photos From 4th of July Weekend

We had a fun 4th of July, here are some pics from our weekend.

On the 3rd of July we went to Silverado Country Club and sat on the fairway and watched the fireworks. We have never done this before, but it was a ton of fun and can't wait for next year.
Scarlette eating her first red vine.. love her facial expression!

Yummy ...we love red vines!

My boy is not camera shy! ha

 Rory, Scarlette and Tatum.

Cute Babies!
Gracie, Rory,Scarlette and Tatum

Rory and Scarlette clapping for the camera!

Scarlette and Tatum.... I feel like Tatum  is thinking ... what are you smiling about Scarlette!

Yummy cupcakes!

The fam eating cupcakes waiting for the fireworks to start.
Chad, Gwen, Scarlette,me and Graham
Just hanging out.

Almost the whole fam... Gab was off with friends at a different event.
Much easier to get pictures of the babies from the back!
Tatum, Scarlette, Rory and Gracie

On the 4th we hung out at our neighbors house... who also happen to be my friend Tiffanie's parents.

Chuy on Gracie's float.

 Me, Gab and Scarlette in the pool.

 Mr. Cheeseball.

 Tatum and Scarlette in their matching dresses.


Michael Kelly said...

Awesome! I posted a link on our Red Vines FB page: Thanks...

Shara said...

I love that first photo of Scarlette - She is giving that Red Vine a workout! So cute!