Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Recap

I have been reading quite a bit thanks to my neighbor Jane, she has been giving me all of her books when she is done with them!

The last book I finished was the Knitting Circle by Ann Hood.-  This book has lot's of sad parts but ends on a positive note. It confirms my belief that knitting is like doing yoga, it has a calming effect on your mind and body. 

Sizzling sixteen-by Janet Evanovich-  16th book in the series.  It was a quick fun read as usual, just not as good as the last one in my opinion.

The Walk-By Richard Paul Evans- This one is the beginning of a series.  I loved it and can not wait for the next one.  It is about a man who loses everything and decides to walk from Seattle to Florida. 

Split Second by David Balducci- Good suspense book,  not a must read but if it falls in your lap go for it.

The Endless Forest by Sara Donati - this is the last book in this FAB series.  Sad that it is over..  It was a great book and a great series... must read!

I am currently Reading the Help... so far LOVING it!


Colima said...

I am about to start reading The Help - my friend Jan is letting me borrow it! Glad to get another confirmation that it's good :)