Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Big Boy

I know I have been a bad blogger... I have been so busy and I keep wanting to post Scarlette's Bday party and just haven't finished editing photos....for some reason this gave me a mental block on all posts.  So, I decided to start with this post and then hopefully will get her bday post up in the next couple of days!

My sweet boy is getting so big so fast, he is starting pre school on Thurs.... Which I am sooo excited about. At the same time I will miss my little buddy.

This boy is so brave.... or he has no fear.... which in a lot of ways is great... but it also scares me to death.  For instance... he was watching some racing show..NASCAR maybe and he pointed at some race car and stated to his Daddy:" I want that car... because I can drive."  And at 3.5 years old, he is pretty certain that he can actually drive.  He went on every ride at the fair that he was tall enough to go on and would have gone on all the super crazy ones if he was tall enough for those. He races around on his razor scooter like a crazy person, I am pretty sure he can ride as good as the girls HA.  He just got a big boy two wheeler and it will not be long and the training wheels will be off... watch out world!

The only thing he has not been super brave about has been swimming. However... his Daddy has been working with him all summer long in the pool..... and I can happily report that he is now brave enough to swim the width of the pool all by himself without his life jacket. He even  tells us he wants to swim without the life vest all the time. 

Picture taken by my good friend Melissa.
He loves to have his picture taken and will stop whatever he is doing to ham it up for the camera!

My brave boy...  this crazy ride spins in circles while  if flies through the air. He wen on it twice.. once with Gabby and once with Chad.

He said a funny thing to my friend Guy the other night.  "I am a good boy and my sister Scarlette is a trouble maker."  My sweet sweet son, that is so far from reality.  Boy did that give us all a good laugh. Don't get me wrong he is a good boy, but is also a busy, rowdy, crazy, trouble maker. Scarlette Grace on the other hand.... so far is a good sweet girl... which could change any minute now that she is a big walker!

I love you very much sweet boy!