Thursday, September 9, 2010

Made it...

I have actually been working on some projects, so I thought I would share.

Gabby decided she wanted a skirt... So I found a tutorial online for a skirt that we both liked, never easy when dealing with a teen.  Then I went digging through my fabric stash and found a fabric that we both liked. The skirt cost me 0$ :) Because I happen to have everything I needed to complete it.

She loved it and got tons of compliments on it.  I asked her if she told people that her Mom made it and she said "NOOO.. people would think I am a hobo."  I said " no, I am pretty sure they would think you have a cool mom." Not sure what my girls obsession is with people thinking they are hobos. kooks!

 Might have to make one for me.... much longer though:)

 I bought this fabric 5 years ago:)
 I am super proud of my self for this one..  the cutest little sweater for Scarlette Grace. This knitted up super fast.. only took me a week.  I bought the pattern off raverly, would love to make a bigger one for me:)
Another scarf... the bottom edge is ruffly. Not sure who gets this one:)

Lots more projects in the works!


Julie said...

I love the skirt, a bit longer for this girl but still really cute. I remember sewing for Mike until about the 6th grade and then he asked for just store bought clothes unless it was PJ's.
Thanks for sharing. Take care and God Bless!!