Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scarlette's Pink Party...Part One

First off, Internet problems all week... uugggg! Yes, I know Scarlette's birthday was over a month ago, there were just soooo many photos to edit and collect from people that it has taken me forever. This is just part one, because it is late.

I started planning and making things about a monthish in advance.  Every Monday night I took a different project to Tiffanie's house for our Bachelorette watching night. Thanks for all the help girlies!

Disclaimer...... Some of these photos are from Tiffanie, Melissa, my sister and random people taking pictures with my camera.
Tiffanie and Stacey helping me make cupcake picks.... See the box of tooth pick I got at an estate sale, I had Stacey pluck off the frilly part.... not her favorite job.
A close up of the invitations Lisa and I made... and I could not have done it with out her and all her fancy tools!

Here is the whole invite... 

Food table ... see the cute cupcake picks.
We used mason jars tied with pieces of pink fabric as our cups for the party, and not one broke:) 

 Pom Poms
You can see a bit of the darling pink bunting I made... which is still outside, because I love it.  Going to have to take it down though because it will rain at some point in the dear future.
 Eating table.
 My Grandma Made Pink Popcorn balls... yummy!
 Tiffanie made the cute signs at one of our late night crafting sessions.
 I used pink vintage sheets as curtains around the patio, and they are still up because I love them!
 Sign for the photo booth.
 A cute picture of the birthday girl and a fun project... that I saw online somewhere... can't remember where.
Stacey made the S sign during our crafting sessions
 Another Pom pom Pic
 Cute Balloons

 A close up of some of the items on the table
 My printer box all decked out.
 Pink lemonade in a vintage mayo jar.
 We glittered the top of the bubble containers and tied them with pink tulle and printed out a special label.

 This is one of the funniest things... My daughters posted this on the main bathroom mirror!

See the cute banner... Lisa made it for Scarlette.  It is now hanging in her room:) 

I also served pink milk and pink Sangria!

Stay tunned for part two.