Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scarlette's Pink Party...... Part Two

Some  Fun party Pictures. You can find Part One Here.
Disclaimer...... Some of these photos are from Tiffanie, Melissa, my sister and random people taking pictures with my camera.

 Birthday Girl
 Fun on the Swing Set

                      Grandma and he birthday girl

 GABBY AND Chuy pepe
Tatum in front of the Menu Chalk board I made out of an old frame the day before.

 Tatum S., Tatum F. and Scarlette
 Evangeliene and Tatum
               Playing at the water table.

On to the Photo Booth pictures.

By the photo booth, I had a pink cowboy hat I borrowed, a pink boa, and some other random pink props for people to use while taking their pictures.

My Sis and Gabe

 Kattie and Nic

 Amanda and Andrea
 Scarlette and Gwen
 My Parents
 Sweet Girl.
 My Adorable Grandparents.
 More Scarlette and Gwen

 Isabelle, Scarlette, Gwen and Izzy
 Gwen and her two Isabelle Friends.... apparently my girls like to have 2 friends with the same name.
 My Nephew...Eli
 Eli, Keely and Graham

 My Grandparents and my Aunt and Mom
 Best Cousins.
These might be some of my fave pics from the day.
 Eli and Graham
 Silly Boys

 Amanda, Emily and Graham
 My Cowboy!
Another of my sis and Gabe.

Wish everyone would have done the photo booth.  Stay tuned for part three, too many pictures to add to this post:)


Wendy said...

Super cute! I might have to try the photo booth at one of my parties.