Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

Some Recent finds:

 Fun santa
 Pretty Scarves.
 Vintage Ledger
Glasses for Graham and some vintage vials.

 Pretty crocheted afghan, 
See the piece of tape.... FREE!!!
This suit case is now storage in my sewing room:)

A pretty necklace... haven't worn it yet, but really want to:)

A bunch of broken jewelry for making more jewelry:)

A skein of camo yarn.. thinking hat for Graham:) Some vintage Pipe cleaners. 
A green biscuit cutter. A dump truck for Graham.

 Cute little plastic people for my printer box.
Vintage Stamps or type?

 A cute Jack o Lantern.
 Lidded milk glass dish for my collection.
 Will be selling this, all ready have one.
 Vintage plastic xmas tree and ornaments,... only bummer is the plastic rod that holds tree together is missing... Anyone have one?
 Pink tapers.
 I love jewelry boxes.. can't seem to pass them up.
A dolly bed... for Scarlette to use for her babies.  I am going to paint it soon and make some bedding and when all that is done she will maybe be ready for it:)
 Pretty vintage Ornaments in original box.
 Buttons and beads.
 An amazing vintage frame... no idea what I am doing with it yet, but I love it.
See the rose detail.
Paint or no paint?   


Sue Lambrix said...

Anything in the ledger? I have 3 of those. They were my grandmothers (born in 1901) & she keep a journal of sorts in them. Wrote one line everyday for many years........who she saw, every penny she spent, where they were going that day etc. There is a line the day I was born! They are a real treasure to me since they are a window into her life........

Wendy said...

Fabulous finds! I hate that we don't have estate sales like that here. Or if we do, I cannot find them. I would paint the frame, but that's me, I am NOT a fan of gold.