Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Hate Onesies.....A Solution

Why you ask?  I guess the  main reason is I just hate the look of a onesie tucked into jeans. It also makes diaper changes more of a pain. I decided to turn some onesies into shirts for Scarlette.

I Just use my handy dandy rotary cutter and cut straight across right above the leg holes.

 Took this photo after I added some vintage crocheted lace to the bottom
 I then used material from the part I cut off and ruffled it up into a flower of sorts. SOOO much cuter!
 Finished product.
 No befores on these.. They were both onesies though:) and now they are cute little tops to wear with jeans.
This one might be my fave!

If you hate onesies too, then hack um up.  I suggest doing this to the next size up from what your child is wearing, that way you have extra length to work with.