Friday, October 15, 2010

The Cause of My Blog Neglect...

If I had to describe in one word why I have been such a bad blogger the last month or would be ...Over Committed.  I guess that is two words... ha ha. Maybe overwhelmed is a better word.   I think about blogging every day, I have so many photos and things to blog about...the photos all need editing which takes a bit of time, so then I put it off another day. Not to mention that my shoppe is neglected again and when I neglect it and don't advertise it sales get slow:(

Kids have all been sick for about a month... the never ending cough.. Chad has had it too and I have had a touch of it a couple of times.. I have taken my Mega doses of Vitamin C and echinacea and kept it to two smallish colds.Echinacea is the BEST... you have to do the nasty liquid much as the kids hate the taste they now ask for it as soon as they start to feel sick.  

Graham is in a co-op preschool.. which means lots of time on my part.  Since he started school in Sept, I have worked in his class twice.... which requires me to find a baby sitter who can watch Scarlette from 11:45-4pm and people to pick up the big girls at school. I have been to two parent meetings which go from 7-9pm.  I have volunteered to face paint at the fall frolic this Sunday.  I am on the fundraiser committee...haven't had to do much for that yet, but I see it coming as the auction gets closer.  His school is amazing and all the work is worth it.

I decided to make a sewing room.....  Our dining table was always covered with sewing stuff so we could never eat at it, which was fine during the summer because we sat outside. Now that we are heading into the winter months that will not be an option.  So.. with the help of my friend Tiffanie... we moved the dining table into the middle of the living room and curtained off the dinning voila... a sewing room was born.  It was a bit more complicated than that... We moved 2 china hutches, a computer hutch, a buffet, a small cabinet, a large TV armoire, a vintage sofa and a few chairs, a small book shelf, a small desk and some other small random pieces of furniture.  Here are some after pictures... didn't take befores.   I kept waiting to take the pictures until it all looked perfect.... well... let's be real... my house is Never perfect.  

The old dining room is behind the curtain.  No pictures of that room yet... to to to messy at the moment.
I went to ikea and purchased one of their wire curtain thingies and found the muslin fabric for 2.99 a yard which was perfect since I needed 12 yards.The buffet with all the Halloween goodies on it was in the dining room on the right wall, and the table and chairs were turned the other way in the middle of the old room. 
Try to ignore the dinner place mats and random silverware on the table and the chair askew.. see not perfect.

The china cabinet to the left of the fireplace was on the back wall of the dining room parallel to where the buffet is now.  In its place was the huge tv armoire, which is now in the buffet's old place in the dining room being used for storage. The china hutch to the right of the fire place was in the family room.
Ignore piles of crap next to buffet. Projects.

All decorated for Halloween:) See the room to the right of the hutch... that is my family room.. it got rearranged too.  

I have a part time job... Working Fri and Sat at Alice's Consignment shop.. there are a ton of vintage items...and Alice tells me to do what I want.... rearrange the shop to my liking.. soo fun.

I pulled my hamstring muscle in dance class 2 weeks ago and it still is killing me. The first two days I could hardly walk.. One word ....OLD... Yikes.

I met a lovely girl at the last flea market I did.. she is a local photographer / interior designer.  I told her  "someday when I grow up that I want to be an interior designer."  She thought that was funny.  Why I said that was because she was talking to another lady about a  project she started called Clean Start... She is making over a home for a local needy family.  As if I needed one more thing to do..... I said oooh I would love to help... and I sew.  She got in touch with me and said I have a great eye and would I like to be involved in the whole project and learn more about interior design.... Ummm YESSSS!  We went to the family's house and took measurements and made plans.  So exciting.  Here is a link to the fundraiser for the project and her blog/site. 

I also am helping with art in Gwen's class on Friday's before I go to work.  It is her last year of elementary school, so I want to do as much as possible.I am co-room mom and going to chair the sees candy fundraiser so the kids can pay for their own out door ed.

Between me and the girls we are at the dance studio tue, wed, and thurs nights. I am also there on Sunday teaching Yoga.  

Gabby has rainbow girls twice a month and Gwen is in the pledge group for Rainbow as she is not old enough  yet.  On Monday she is getting installed into the leader position.  Which I had to make invites for..... making 25 felt lollipop pin ons for the guests to go with her theme which is "Sweet Dreams Under the Big top" 

I am in 3 online quilting bee's and am soooo behind, I owe about 5 people a quilt block.  I just haven't had time to sew much.  Which is always on the back of my mind because I think about sewing daily as well.

It is now 12:30 at night and I need to go to bed....  need to wade through the laundry on my bedroom floor (as there is no room in the crazy small laundry room to put sorter baskets with laundry) to get to my bed.

If I owe you something... I am sorry it is late, I am working on it.  

The end....


Wendy said...

You are busy!

But OMG, she's in Rainbow? I hardly ever find anyone that knows what that is! I was a pledge as soon as I was old enough and then right into Rainbow! My mom was in Eastern Star, my dad a Mason. I havent joined Eastern Star yet though.

Lisa Macomber said...

Genious!!! and I have never seen that front living space so CLEAN LOL!!! looks fabulous. Apparently great minds think alike when it comes to small spaces and lack of storage etc...Not kidding, maybe a week or more ago I created an extra "closet space" in our house using a curtains and a tension rod. I have a big armoire in our room centered in the middle of one wall. I ran the tension rod from the top of the armoire to the side wall and used a long curtain so I now have a hidden storage spot for stuff I have to place to put in the room.