Friday, October 1, 2010

Scarlette's Pink Party....Part Three

The third and final part of Scarlette's Pink Party. Part one and Two are a couple of posts back if you have not all ready checked them out.


Disclaimer...... Some of these photos are from Tiffanie, Melissa, my sister and random people taking pictures with my camera.
Happy Birthday Girl.

I made the bib...I saw one like it online somewhere and decided to whip one up the night before the party.

I made Scarlette her individual cake, as I did for the other 3 kidos, no idea why it was this shape, had something else in mind..didn't work out... Cute anyway.
My Sister and Nephew looking at the bday girl and her cake.

First bites of Cake

She pretty much loved it:)

Me helping her take a bite of the actual cake and her daddy watching from the door way.

I used a strawberry cake mix... so pink and cute.
Clearly it takes great concentration to smash your birthday cake

Want a bite?

From Here on they are all out of order and it is soo late so I am going to just leave them that way.

Opening her first baby from her auntie.

She got all nasty and messy.. but wasn't her outfit cute:)
The grass is all stuck to her toes:)

Peek a Boo
Me and My girl

In the middle of eating her cake she decided to lean over and touch noses with me... so sweet

Kissing her new baby.. While Gwen fresh out of the pool and my papa watch.

Opening gifts takes major concentration.
I love this face!

While she sits in her high chair she puts her toes against the tray and everyone thought it was the cutest thing:)

Check me out!

Cake close ups... Frosting was scratch butter cream. YUMMM

Face first into the way to eat it!

Over it.

Her new shades and me digging the tissue paper out of her mouth.. she would not stop eating it.

Finally a great moment captured... with me in the picture:)

If you made it to the end of this post you deserve an award:)  

It was a wonderful party, with great friends and family. 
 Thank you TIFFANIE for all of your help before, during and after.   

I have not done thank you notes.... and now it is 2 months later... eeekk
Thank you everyone... sooo much for coming and sharing the day with  us and thank you for the thoughtful gifts, she loves everything.