Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Sweat Pants- A Tutorial

Gabby had a pair of sweat that were too short.... I cut them off so she could still wear them as shorts. I was then left with two full legs and decided they shouldn't go to waste.

Sweat Pants Legs.

 Find  a pair of bottoms that you like the fit and trace them onto the wrong side of the sweats. Lining up the long part of the leg up with the fold.  I lined the bottom hem of her pants up with the bottom hem of the sweats, in order to avoid the hemming step. Add an extra 1/2" for seam allowances and an inch on top for the waist band.
 Cut out on lines and then repeat above step on other leg.
 Stitch inseam of each leg right sides together.
 Put one leg inside the other right sides together matching inseams.
Stitch the u shaped crotch( such a weird ugly word..couldn't think of a better one though) seam.
 This is what they should look like
 Fold over waist about an inch or to fit whatever size elastic you have on hand. Stitch all the way around leaving an opening to run elastic.
 Run your elastic through overlapping 1/2 inch.
 And sew elastic together and close up opening.

My model Scarlette Grace is 15 months and has no time to stand still for pictures.
Don't mind her non matching top and jacket. YIKES

Gabby trying to hold her still to get the picture.  Notice in the bottom right you can see the shorts made from the top of the sweats.
A cheap super fast project.