Monday, December 13, 2010

Clean Start-Home Makeover-Napa

We finished the home make over, and here are some picture taken by Indra... you can also read her blog post with all the details.

Here is the family room before....

In Progress.
Me with the lamps.

Getting things ready to put the room together, I am putting a cord cover on the chain of the hanging light.

After... My favorite thing is the blue table, it turned out so cute. It was pretty ugly before it was painted:)

Another view of Before....

I made the three large pillows and the small toile one:)

On to the kids room:



I made the duvet cover, the curtains and curtains for the closet as there were no doors.

I whipped up the curtain tie backs on the spot as we were putting the room together.

It was a fun project and the family seemed to really appreciate it.

There are a ton more photos on Indra's blog... go check them out.