Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Birth of My Niece Nataliyah...

Yesterday my niece was born..... this is her birth story. 
 The c-section was scheduled for 12:30 yesterday(Dec 7th) afternoon.  My sister Keely and her husband Gabe arrived at the hospital around 10:30 am, my grandparents and I arrived shortly there after.. and our parents arrived around 11:30.  My sister really wanted me to be in the room with her and Gabe while the surgery was performed. Her Dr. said it was ok, but was up to the anaesthesiologist.  I was so excited and nervous because I REALLY REALLY wanted to be in the room.  I have been dieing to see a baby be born.  The anaesthesiologist arrived around 12:30   checked in with us, performed a quick epidural. Finally, the nurse asked him if I could be in the room.  He said yes... my sis and I cheered.  The nurse brought me some scrubs..... and we finally got to go in around 1pm......

Welcome to the world: Nataliyah Lorann

Gabe and Keely before the surgery.
Last photo of her being pregnant EVER.
On their way back to the room after a trip to the bathroom.

Me in my scrubs..... can you tell I am soooo excited!
Disposable scrubs are one size fits all so Gabe's fit him right and I looked like a fat snow ball:)  Always worried about fashion:)
Almost time
Nervous papa..
Me all ready to go.
Excited Auntie!

Keely... prepped and ready to go.
She looks calm and happy... HA... she had everyone fooled.
  At one point she told the anaesthesiologist " I'm freaking out."  and he said" you are the calmest person I have seen who is freaking out."
Loving words from Gabe. He was the hand holder and I was the photographer.

Their Dr. making the first cut.
I was not at all creeped out... it was actually sort of surreal... Was hard to fathom that what they were cutting into was actually part of my sisters body.

Just a few Short minutes later, they were pulling her head out.
I't was AMAZING.
She is almost out.
Tiny bit more and...
She was born at 1:36pm.
I'm pretty sure some day she will either love or hate the fact that she is in full view on the blog:) At least her private parts are covered:)
I cried and Gabe and I cheered. It was so exciting.
Getting cleaned up.
Gabe took this one... He only got my hand... it is me I swear... 
I got to cut the cord.
She is a hairy little monkey, soo cute.

Meeting her Mama for the first time.


Can you tell that was my favorite picture.
Petting her chubby little cheeks.
The nurses let ME carry her to the nursery!

Grandma and Great Grandparents anxiously waiting at the nursery window.  
Papa Carl took these.
She has a hair style all ready since she has SOOOO much hair.
I just want to eat her up.. she is sooo cute.

I got to stay in the nursery with her the whole time.
Getting weighed.
She was 7lbs. 3oz.
19.25" long
Cute baby toes and more fur on her cute legs.
The nurses were checking her vitals.
She has really long fingers... which might be the only thing she inherited from our side of the family.
Getting measured.

Sweet face
After her bath.

She laid on the warming table like this for a long time... so funny with her legs straight out.
Me showing her to the grandparents.  They all cried ... so I cried again and so did a couple of the nurses.

I loved being in there while she got everything done. 

Do you have any doubt who her Daddy is. She is a mini version of her Daddy.

My sis in her room looking great and super happy.

Grandma Sherri gets a turn.

Great Grandma Colleen gets a turn.

Big brother Eli meets his baby sister.

Kissing his baby.

Such a proud big brother.

Time for a snuggle.

Thank you Sis and Gabe for letting me be part of such an important day in your life. It was amazing and wonderful. I love you all so much!


Jeanette said...

Isn't life such a beautiful thing!? Blessing to all of you, especially the new little girly, this holiday season!!

fabriquefantastique said...

Lovely pics....your sister has done a great job. The last one is my favorite. They say a picture says a thousand words.

Savvy in San Francisco said...

I can't believe they let you take pictures from over the curtain. They never let Carlos stand or look over the curtain. The pictures are fabulous! What a great way for Keely to remember the special day!