Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally October in Photos...

Yes, I know it is December and I am just posting Oct. Pictures.... I wanted to get it done before the end of the year!  October was a fun filled month...

Graham and Karson going to a play group party.

Gwen and Karson at the play group party doing a craft.

Parachute fun.
Me and Scarlette Grace.
Cute girl.

On the way home from the party... poor boy was pooped out.

Grahams Preschool
 They got to trick or treat around the school.

Alexis and Gabby dressed up for school.

Pumpkin patch time!
Tatum, Karson, Scarlette and Graham.

Scarlette sitting on a giant pumpkin.

Gwen, Graham, Karson and Tatum running out of the hay maze.

Graham sitting on a pig:)
Such a ham bone.

Karson and Graham being silly.


Tatum and Scarlette

Karson and the girls in the wagon.

I want your pretty necklace Tatum!
This was his favorite part... driving all the tractors.

Scarlette helping big brother.

My four babies.
Scarlette chewing on the thing you stick your head through.


Fighting over who's turn it was on the tractor.
Sharing but not happy about it!

Gab not letting me take her picture!

Scarlette and Gwen on the hay pyramid.

More tractor fun!

Me and Scarlette.

Gwen on a tractor wheel.

Karson, Graham and Gwen

Pumpkin carving time.
Tatum was not so sure about touching the pumpkin goo~
Tatum and Scarlette

Scarlette making her signature scowly face.
 Cute girl!

Don't mind the pumpkin seeds stuck to her face. HA

 She got really into the seeds and goo!

Halloween Costume

 She was little miss muffett I made the costume:)

 Trying to get a picture of them together.

Helicopter pilot

 Chuy pepe the shark

Pumpkins on our porch all of which grew in our yard except the two big ones.

Our trick or treating group
Back left- Nic, Kattie, Tatum, me, Stacey Ross,Scarlette Grace, graham, Gwen, Tiffanie and Karson.
I was dressed in Chads navy costume.. sailor girl.

 Trick or treating.
 Gwen and Izzy.
 Stacey, Gwen and Scarlette.

More pumpkin fun.

 Karson carving.
 Gwen carving.
 Graham Carving.
 Gab in the back ground.. such a teen.
Gabby carving her pumpkin
 Me and Graham carving and Gabby posing in the background.

A boy and his pumpkin.


Scarlette really getting into the pumpkin seeds.

She spent about 20 minutes doing it.

 Karson, Gwen and Tatum.
Scarlette climbing the hay pyramid.

 Rest time!
 Scarlette and Tatum Playing by the tractor wheel.

My cute boy on a tractor.

 Scarlette peeking through the tractor wheel.

 Graham pulling. Karson, Scarlette and Tatum.

 Tatum and her lollipop.

My sweet babies and their lollipops.

The end... that was a lot of pictures!