Monday, December 6, 2010

Tractor Parade

Saturday Night we headed up to Calistoga with the Feigel family for the tractor parade. Last year ws the first time we went and we loved it.

 It was drizzling before it started. It stopped in time for the parade to start.
Left to Right: Chad and Graham, Me Scarlette and Karson, Gwen, Tiffanie and Tatum and Gabby and Chuy.
 Graham and Karson on the left totally captivated by the parade. Gwen holding Tatum and Scarlette(who could have cared less about the parade)
The finale:  A huge digger dumping presents into a huge truck.  The other really cool one was the hot air balloon basket that shot fire up into the air, wish I had a photo of that. 

Photos provided by Tiffanie. I had my camera... but was so buried under kids I couldn't move much less take photos.