Thursday, December 2, 2010

Vintage Finds

I have managed to squeeze in an Estate Sale here or there over the last month.  Here is the loot:

Vintage Fisher Price toy for the littles.

 All these goodies including card table were from a clean out I helped out with.
LOVE the glass pitcher with aqua lid..
More vintage sheets.
 Close up of the green bowl and pitcher.
 Pink juicer, Christmas night lights and red handled biscuit cutter... all headed for the shoppe.
Some cool vintage baby shower decorations... also for the shoppe.
Vintage St Patty's day decor... shoppe bound as well.

Rose pitcher a gift for a friend and the horn of plenty vase is living in my bedroom.
Darling silhouette to add to my collection... see below.
My collection.
LOVE THIS!  Keeping it:)  displayed for Christmas.
A piece of white pottery to add to the collection. Love her.
This is AWESOME!  It is a spice jar holder... can not wait to hang up in kitchen.  Need to find some cute spice jars to go in it.  
Vintage Sheets... So excited to find the blue one.

Yellow earrings I am going to make over and a pretty plate that will be in the shoppe.

A bunch of vintage bracelets.

And last but not least a cool vintage table cloth. LOVE the ball fringe and the roses, yellow is not normally a color I would keep but this table cloth is amazing, just need to get a round table for outside:)