Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here are some pictures from Christmas...

 Scarlette Grace and Graham in front of the Christmas Tree.
Cute Girl.

Christmas Eve at my Aunt and Uncle's House in Sausalito CA

Us arriving...

Chad Scarlette and I getting out of he car.

 Eckart explaining what he has prepared for our annual German Board Dinner.
 Graham and his papa- Who he just calls Carl- not papa or papa Carl.  

Carl, Mom, Gwen, Aunt Lori, Eckart, Papa Jim Scarlette Grace , Me and Graham hanging out on the couch.

Papa and Scarlette and Graham and I snuggle. 

Dinner.. Scarlette Grace thinking she is big sitting on the bar stool during dinner.

Kid table. Gwen hiding behind her salami.
Gwen and Scarlette Grace.

Gabby and Grandma Colleen.

Me helping Scarlette open her presents.

Gwen with her new lunch box.

Graham with his new knee and elbow pads.

Scarlette Grace wearing her new fairy wings.

 Sweet fairy girl:)
 Graham so excited to get rock em sock em robots!

Graham's new skate board!

Gwen opening her new camera.

Stockings hung and cookies and milk out for Santa.

Santa Collection.

Santa brought Graham a big wheel.

Taking stuff out of his stocking.

 Gwen and Scarlette checking out her new radio.
 Someone got chocolate in their stocking.