Monday, January 3, 2011

Rainbow Pledge Instalation

Think this is the last catch up post for 2010!

 These are all out of order, but I am to lazy to fix them.  Gwen was installed into the office of Pledge sister in the Napa Rainbow Pledge Group. She is too young to be in actual rainbow so they have a pledge group which she loves and is now the leader of their business meetings.  She will be 11 in March so will then be initiated into rainbow.  I was a Job's daughter and know what a great experience this can be and know it will teach her many skills to help her through life.

For those of you who have not known Gwen her entire life, let me give you a little background.  She was the shyest little girl, she clung to me until about age 4 and then even until about age 6 she would still cling to Chad or my legs and hide her face when she was in a new situation.   So for her to be the leader and have to talk in front of a group of people is HUGE!

This was taken after she was installed, and she was saying her thank you's. I was so amazed and proud, she spoke loudly and clearly and was very poised... HUGE is all I can say!

Her waiting with the other girls to be installed.

Opening her mascot.

Walking in in her vintage Dress:)

All the pledge girls!

Pledge girls plus some of the Rainbow girls who helped out with the ceremony!