Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Sunday Hike

We had beautiful weather this past weekend, so Chad and I decided to take Graham for a walk. We started out just planning on walking the neighborhoods around our new house, and a block intoour walk I saw a yard sale sign, so we followed it and as we were walking we saw an entrance to a park trail. We decided to check it out. I had my activity counter going, it keeps track of how far you have gone, how long it takes and the route you have traveled using gps. Which is amazing...because we ended up out in the middle of these trails in the hills and we could see which way we had come from and where we needed to go. Graham is a trooper, it ended up being a little over two miles of hiking...lots of hills. We plan to do it again this weekend if it is nice.
I had to take a picture of graham on this tree because it is such a cool tree. I actually climbed it too and Chad snaped a picture...I looked hideous so this is all you get to see.
It was fun to discover a new place.
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Cate Lindsey said...

I'm curious about your activity counter. I've been looking for something like that. Do you mind sharing with me exactly what it's called?