Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yippeee.....A Yard Sale Find

I was driving to work a few weeks ago and saw a yard sale, so I did the slow drive by and saw that it was all crap.  At the very last second I see this....

A cute vintage bike!
So, I turned around and rolled my window down and asked "how much for the bike" He said 3$.  I practically ran out of the car.  The funny thing was I had no cash.  I told him I would be back in a little bit, so DON'T sell it to anyone else.  I went back a few hours later and it was to my relief still there, I gave the lady the 3$ and loaded the bike in my car.  She is sitting on my porch waiting for Chad to replace the tube in one of the tires. The cool thing about it...besides being 3$ and vintage is that it is a smaller bike, so Gwen will be able to ride it.

The vintage sheet blog is having a giveaway each day this month so pop over for a chance to win.