Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From a Dress Shirt to a Little Girl's Dress

I was dieing to sew the other night and needed a project I could complete in one sitting as it was 10pm. I have seen lots of dress shirt re-dos and I have been saving dress shirts to make dresses for Scarlette.

I looked at a bunch of tutorials and followed this one. 

Here is the end result
The back of the dress was the original shirt front.  This shirt was a XL womans shirt I got for free from a bag of clothes headed to the goodwill.

Trying to get  her to be still so I could get a good photo of the front of the dress was not so easy.

These pics were taken with my phone.

Nice diaper shot...  

I love the face she is making here.... I am pretty sure she is thinking.. Seriously mommy can we be done.

I will be making more... I have a bunch of Chad's old dress shirts that I am going to use.. I want to do one with the buttons down the front.

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Stephanie said...

That is sew darn cute!! I wish my little girl was still *little*!! She will be 14 in 2 weeks! So I am pretty sure she wouldn't wear one!! But way too darling!

Colima said...

That turned out super CUTE! And Scarlette is adorable!