Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Break-Finally

Ok, so I am a wee bit behind... better late than never I suppose.  We went to Southern CA for Spring Break this year, we tagged along with Chad on a work trip. Here are the high lights.

Chad and the kids walking the board walk the first evening in Carpentria.

Graham had to have a picture in front of this... funny boy.

Another evening beach walk.
Cheese ball

Gwen and Scarlette.

Chad and 3 of the 4 kidos... Gab stayed at the hotel.. she wasn't feeling well.

Such the little model boy!

Chad trying to get Graham to sit in the tree for a picture... he did not like that plan.

Early morning beach walk before heading off to work.

Scarlette Grace

Sand monster

Girls getting their feet wet.

Graham jumping off the sand bank.

Me and the littles
Look at the sea weed.

Scarlett's turn

Gabby really wanted to go to Hollywood and do the walk of fame... or as Chad called it the walk of shame.
Gabby with johnny Depp's star

Gwen with Tinker bell's Star

Gwen, Graham and Scarlette posing with a statue of Mickey Mouse

My surfer Boy.

Another evening beach walk


This kid loves sand.

We went down to mission beach one day
Gwen and Graham on the bumper cars

Chad and Gabby on the wana be giant dipper... not anything like the original in Santa Cruz.

Serious cotton Candy business.

Bumper cars

Watching daddy and Gabby on a CRAZY ride.

Gabby and Chad on the crazy ride.

There is no way in HE double hockey sticks I would go on this ride, just watching it made me want to throw up.


Bubba and Lil girl
That is what they call each other

getting off a ride

It was so hot on the way home we decided to stop at the beach 
Me and the kidos

Me and Scarlette

Cheese ball boy

Playing in the freezing cold water.

We love the beach sooo much.. actually wish we lived in a beach town... so we could be beach bums:)
We had a nice trip.... except maybe Gabby who is over hanging out with her fam.. especially when there are lots of cute boys at the beach:)


Savvy in San Francisco said...

Such sweet photos! I love them! Looks like you guys had
a great time!