Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rewinding a Bit

Today is Gabby's  14th birthday... but I am going to post about Gwen's bday back in ....eek... March. Gab didn't want a party, so she and a friend are going to a theme park for the day.  It's hard to believe she is 14... an age I remember so vividly!  Happy Birthday Gabby Goose:)  I love you!!!!

On to Gwen's birthday:
She turned 11 in March and is an amazing homemaker all ready, she loves to cook, garden and LOVES baby's. She also loves art and is a great little artist.  
She wanted to have a slumber party and invited 6 girls to stay the night.

Here they are eating dinner.

 Gwen is at the left head of the table.
Gwen getting ready to blow out her candle.

 We did a sundae bar at her request... she is not much of a cake girl.
she wanted to do pin the tail on the donkey... I happened to have one from an estate sale.

We played find the rice in the safety pin game.

Gabby lurking in the kitchen.

They did design a dress out of TP.. Gab had to help because there was an odd number and Gwen actually wanted Gabby to be her partner.. I almost fainted.

 They did makeup on each other blind folded....
Lulu and Gwen

Opening gifts.

We did everything she wanted and then they stayed up late watching movies and giggling.

Sunday the two of us went to the mall and shopped for the day, which was super fun. We don't get a lot of time just the two of us. It was a fun and busy weekend!


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Looks like a super fun slumber party! love the make up with the blind fold!