Saturday, June 25, 2011

DIY Hair Feathers ... On the Cheap

So, the big girls were wanting feathers in their hair real bad... I however was not going to pay $8-$12 a feather per girl..  I was talking to my friend Meegan who is a hair dresser and she told me exactly how to do it and cheaply.  Gabby's BFF Emily from NC is staying with us for two weeks.. so I thought it would be a fun thing to do while she is here.

This list of online colleges is available for people who want to learn more about fashion,
art, and design. Making fun things is such a wonderful part of life.

Here's what I did... No photos as I could not take photos and install feathers at same time... not quite that talented.  Called around to beauty supply places to find the crimp beads used to put in extensions.  They were 25cents each so I got 2 dollars worth.  I then grabbed a bag of feathers at Michales ... there were a few different choices... I got the bright ones because I knew Gwen wanted bright colors.  Meegan also said you can get the longer skinner ones at fishing and hunting stores. 

You will also need a tiny crochet hook... (really tiny) to pull your hair through the bead and a pair of pliers to clamp bead shut over feather and hair.... that easy.  Put them about 1/4" away from scalp or they will stick out weird.

Notice the funny little man trying to get in on the photo op.
Emily has a turqouis feather, gab got hot pink and black and Gwen did hot pink as well.

Gab's feathers

Emily's feather

Gwen trying to hide her face.. silly goose.

And me... yep I even did them on my self.  Cute polka dot tiny feather up top and big black feather underneath.

You can see the black feather better in this picture.
I have yet to wash mine... but the girls swam and they are just fine.

And Graham the ham ... made me take his picture too.. not sure what this pose is all about.  He also wanted a feather.. so I barretted one in ... he got over it quick.

Going to make head bands with the girls tomorrow!


Heidi said...

Smart you! I never would have thought that you could buy the little crimp things anywhere local. I heard some girl saying that her dad (who ties his own fishing flies) was mad because all of the feathers he normally orders were on backorder. Turns out they are all being ordered by hair salons! LOL