Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer = Sewing

I still have a million and one things to blog about from the past few months, but this is an easy quick post.... and what I have been up to lately.

Information about online classes is available for people who love arts, crafts, and design, and
want to learn more. It is so enriching to learn from other people and
expand our knowledge about making beautiful things.

Ruffled Pillow Cover.
 I actually did a tutorial on this on the VS blog... check it out.
 Pretty sure it will not stay white for long in this house!

I got Graham some sheets at a garage sale and there was no pillow case but two top sheets, so today I quickly whipped up a pillow case out of the extra top sheet.

I made Graham these shorts because I got the fabric at fabric store for $1.10.  I used this tutorial. and added pockets... Only problem is I didn't follow my gut and make them a titch larger.. They are too narrow for Graham's liking so handed them down to Karson.. Hope they work for him...I have enough to make another pair...

Hoping to make the new ones tomorrow.

Next on the list was a cape for my boy.. he saw them at Six flags last week and I said NO WAY to buying one but I would make him one.... I loosely followed this tutorial... I did use her template for the batman emblem.

Cheesy happy boy.

Gwen, Made this head band

Emily made the Aqua one and I make the yellow one... I used a tutorial and can not find it at this moment. UGG.

WAY Over Due Bee Blocks
All three are made from vintage sheets.

This block is uber time consuming... Never will I make a whole quilt like this!

A cute little skirt for Scarlette... she is such a pain when I want to get a picture. 


Her skirt and a skirt for Gabby.

Hope to get more projects done in the next few days and a bunch of vintage sheets and other goodies added to the shoppe! I also added a few more Grad pictures to this post.


Colima said...

OMG! I love that ruffly pillow!!!! I might have to make one now :) The kids are getting so big and cute!!!