Monday, July 25, 2011

Thoughts from my bed....

Tonights topic is.......Big families.
Not talking crazy big like 19 kids and counting big.....but bigger than the average family of 4. Do I consider my family of 6 big...Yes !!

The world is set up for the perfect little family of four....tables at restaurants, hotel rooms...most cars are made for the smaller family...I'm sure there are more examples that I can not think of at this late hour.

That being said the pros of a big family out weigh all the semantics.

I am friends with this great family that has 5 siblings....that are all adults, and they all love to be together so much....recently their grandma died and I watched a couple of their kids so they could go to the the 4 sisters left I felt glad that they had each other...and glad for my kids that they have each other.

My 3 older kids are visiting their cousins in oregon for the I am a parent of has been soooooooo many years since that happened. It is a bit too quiet on one hand and on the other it is pretty amazing...and super easy to only have one child to worry about. I missed the kids after they were gone half of a day....sheesh.

To late ....must sleep...
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Heidi said...

I come from a culture where big families are the norm (I'm a Mormon) and it's funny, because 4 kids doesn't seem big to me at all! LOL I am one of only 3 siblings and I imagine I will only have 1 or possibly 2 more kids myself.

My dad has 4 sibs and family get-togethers with his side are 100% more fun than those with my mom's side--she has 1 brother and they don't get along. And DH only has 1 sister and zero extended family so get-togethers/holidays with his side are really quiet and boring. Thinking about that has definitely influenced my decisions about how many kids to have.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Our family with 3 kids seems like a large family for a lot of things! Almost too big for the car/truck, restaurant booths and hotels!

pajim said...

Thoughts from my lounger chair.

It won’t affect me but it may affect my great grand children. I worry about our water well going dry because of all the ground water necessary to fuel the vineyards. I worry that finite drinkable water is being directed to arid desert lands to create lush golf courses and beautiful swimming pools while many children in our world are dying of hunger and thirst. I think of conservation for their good and for the good of my family.
One thing I’ve learned is that 50,000 to 150,000 years ago the human family started in East Africa and because I believe family is important I have a hard time with world family actions; why are we killing each other, why are we letting children starve and die for lack of clean drinking water. One answer could be there are too many of us for this earth to support. We can’t take care of the world family that exists so replacing ourselves is probably the most we should do. It’s an impossible task for us as individuals so the least we should do is recognize the magnitude of the task and do what we can to protect the environment for the future of the ones we love.
Back to my nap,
Love PA