Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beach Birthday Party

I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to have Scarlette's birthday at the beach.  I did the photos in collages as there were a ton between my camera, Melissa's Camera, Tiffanie's Camera... and Gwen got a hold of Tiffanies Camera and got some fun pictures of all of us who are always behind the camera.

Going to comment on each photo from top left.

Vintage sheet strips tied on a string for decor- tied on by my best helper Tiffanie.. While watching the Bachelorette!   The whole set up before guests arrived.... Yes, I dragged all this stuff... even my heavy picnic table that Tiff and I made.... it was awesome for pictures. The cupcakes.. I forgot to give them to half the people... OOPS
The vintage Sheet Beach blanket I made just for this party. The invite... I saw one like this on etsy and was going to try to cut out a mermaid like that and then I happened to ask my friend Lisa if she had a star fish for her Circut and she had the mermaid too!!!! Saved me a ton of time
Sammys wrapped in wax paper and tied with pink and white bakers twine..... It took me and Gwen an hour to wrap them all... No sand ... and no dry bread... worked perfectly!
Another Table Shot.
Vintage Sheet Ruffles inside pop up.-Made by me.

SCARLETTE GRACE enjoying her day... Last pick is with her Great Grandparents:)

Tatum S.   
 Chad, me, Gabby, Graham and Melissa.  GWEN.   Graham.   Chad.
Great Aunt Lori and Scarlette. Charlotte S.  and Tiffanie.

Cousins Graham and Eli-looks like trouble to me. Melis and Charlotte.
My sis, Sweet Nattie and Moi.
My fam: Grandma Colleen, Papa Jim, Mom, Aunt Lori, Uncle Eck and Sis & Nattie.
Chad and his baby girl.
Sweet girl!

Scarlette's BFF Tatum F.- Yes, she has 2 Tatum friends!- Tatum was Scared of something:)
BFF's hanging out at the beach party.
Tatum's sandy face... Me and T....

Eli. Boys playing in sand, Karson chillin, Landon and Graham and Tatum F.

Me and Tatum.  Tatum. Gwen.
Chad and his baby girl.

More Party Fun.
Scarlette enjoying her cupcake. Kids eating Cupcakes.
I'm TWO.
Tiff and Scarlette.

Only complaint... it was super windy that day.  Kids still had fun,... and that's what matters!!