Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest Meetup-an Francisco bay area

Last Thursday I met Melissa in Emeryville for the Pinterest Meet Up... So glad to have a buddy to go with, I can be so shy around new people. I got there before Melissa so I walked through Sephora.... GOD I love that store... I want to try every item they have there... If I had time I could dedicate a whole blog to beauty products.

I did sample this nail polish
Flurry Up Top Coat
It looks like a disco ball on your nail!!!

They Had a smile booth set up in The middle of the West Elm Shop where the event was...

Wow  we look boring.... we really are fun!
The white board says our blog names on it.. bummer that it didn't show up in the picture.

Cracking up.. see we are fun!

Just realized we have been friends as long as some of the young girls that we were talking to... are old.

From Melissa's Iphone photo booth app... pretty sure we have some like this some where from high school:)

Shoes that I wore ... Aren't they cute.... got them at payless shoes source of all places.. comfortable too... my feet didn't even hurt.

Faves from West Elm

Aqua measuring spoons... love the color.... pretty sure they would get broken at my house though.

Love this bedding... wish I would have taken it in a different mode.  

These I LOVE.. Mercury Glass toad stools.... at $24(small one) a piece they didn't come home with me

It was a fun event, I met some nice people, my favorite was Jeanne of Shop Sweet Things, she is super sweet and has a great feature on Monday's- 20$ monday's.


Shop Sweet Things with Jeanne said...

omg, that's so sweet of you to say that! i loved meeting you too and totally admire that you can run a shop and a blog with all your lovely kiddos! i hope i get to see you more at future events! btw, love those fun photos of you and Melissa. super cute and stylish mamas!! xo

Jen said...