Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Game Napa Valley- Recap

What is big game all you non Napans want to know?  It is the big foot ball game here in Napa.. between cross town rivals Napa and Vintage High Schools.  Even though neither Chad or I grew up in Napa,  we quickly learned about big game... not only is it a big event for the High School kids... but for families and Alumni.  We have been before, but this year was especially fun... It was Graham's first live foot ball game, Gabby was twirling at half time, it was the 40th anniversary for big game.. and it was also my first time in the new stadium.  It is a great family activity and a great way to be part of the community.... Be prepared to get there early as it is packed.

I of course forgot my camera... so had to use my phone... pics are just ok... better than nothing though.

Gabby is the blond in the middle without a flag. Leading the band down field:)

Napa and Vintage bands on the field preparing for half time show... Both schools get to preform, which is fun.
The new stadium and field are sooo nice!

My boy.. totally enthralled... wouldn't even talk to me.. He LOVED it!  Next year we will be taking him to more games.  We left Scarlette with Tiffanie...thank goodness!!!

Gabby.. not wanting me to take her picture!

Looking forward to the upcoming tree lighting event and the annual Christmas parade next week... Gwen and Scarlette will be in the parade:)