Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun

Some Highlights of our Halloween and Pre- Halloween Activities...

Me holding Tatum on the tractor as she was scared to sit up there on her own:) Scarlette Grace, Karson and Graham at Stanley Lane Pumpkin Patch in Napa.  It is the perfect place to take the kidos for pumpkins and great photo op!  My camera battery was dead.. thank goodness Tiffanie brought hers!

Our pumpkins on the porch... Grahams is the far left one and Chad carved the Smith one at my request!

Cute Girl on a tractor

 and on another tractor!

Graham, Karson and Kaylyn staring at someones spooky decorations while we were out trick or treating! We trick or treated this year in our new neighborhood and it was sooo much fun.... one street in particular was super wild....  King st. ... it was so packed with kids and people it was amazing.

Me, Scarlette, Kaylyn ,Graham, Tatum and Karson trick or treating!

Gwen while carving pumpkins!

Graham busy at work carving his pumpkin... Love hat he has pumpkin all over his face:)

Elbow deep in pumpkin guts..this girl is not afraid to get messy!

Karson after he and his Daddy carved his pumpkin!

Pretending to eat the pumpkin guts!

My Crazy boy pretending to eat the guts!

Gwen pretending to eat the guts!

gabby blow drying the shirt she was making for school the next day... Don't you love my Ghetto Blow dryer!  I need a new one so bad.

Crazed pumpkin carver!

Tatum staying FAR FAR away from the mess... she wanted nothing to do with carving!

Cute girl!

Graham and Karson at the top of the hay pyramid at the pumpkin patch

Not sure why he was pouting here...he makes such a great pouty face.  I love this tractor!

Scarlette smelling the flowers at the pumpkin patch.

Cute girl on the cool tractor!

BFF's Scarlette and Tatum looking at the pig's.

Love this picture of Scarlette Grace!

Cutest kids ever!

He did not want Tiffanie to take his picture... He looks real cute though!

Tatum and Scarlette in the Wagon on the way back to our cars... we closed the pumpkin patch down!