Monday, November 28, 2011

Thoughts From My Bed....

This post is prompted by last weeks episode of Modern Family....which if you don't watch, you need is great.

ARE YOU A DREAMER OR A REALIST? Or as I like to call my husband a dream crusher...which clearly makes me the dreamer.

We got our FREE vintage travel trailer two days ago...(pics coming soon)....and she needs some work....a lot of work...but I love her and see her potential and the family memories we can make in her....Chad just sees work...and while he was moaning and groaning about the problems and work that needs to be done...I called him a DC (dream crusher)...he quickly came back with (because he is also super clever and funny)..." No I am THE RC"....the reality checker.... Which was pretty funny.

I got the dreamer gene from my Papa...its both a blessing and a a dreamer you spend a lot of time coming up with great ideas, projects, & plans.....but you also get your hopes dashed when things don't turn out how you imagined them to do however find the good, in people and are less cynical than the realist.

Clearly it is important to have both in a keep balance...we have to keep things interesting for our realists;)

Off to dreamland....
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