Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011- A Year in Review

2011 was a year filled with highs and lows ... just like any other I suppose. I am grateful for the continued health of my kidos, hubby and myself... and looking forward to NOT moving this year!!!

HERE are some Highlights from 2011:

I taught myself to Crochet
I became a coffee drinker
I gave up diet coke multiple times
I am the proud owner of a vintage trailer
we moved twice...UGGGGGG
Gabby started High School and Gwen Started Middle School
I started to home "pre" school Graham
I posted 129 times to the old blog...even less than 2010
I sold the Vintage Sheet blog
I only completed one quilt all year:(
I pinned 1161 things on pinterest
Gabby got her braces off and Gwen Got her Braces on.
I Found lots of vintage goodies at estate sales and thrift shops.
I got a small space to sell some of my vintage goodies at a local antique shop.
I started making my bed everyday...
Our Dog was hit by a car...:(
Our fair fish Herbet died:(
Quit my part time job and am now watching a sweet baby boy a few times a week.
Gabby turned 14, Gwen turned 11, Graham turned 4, and Scarlette Grace turned 2.

Looking forward to a more productive 2012.


Colima said...

I'm impressed that you taught yourself crochet! Good job! When I first started to crochet I tried to learn from a book, but I didn't get it. I was putting a stitch in like every loop!