Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All the things I wanted to Blog about in 2011 and Didn't

Beware... there are a lot of pics in this post!
I decided to do one post with all the things I wanted to blog about but never got around to:

Dyeing eggs.

Gab holding a duckling

Graham holding a duckling.

Gwen's 11th birthday sleepover party.


Gab and Chuy at the beach

Scarlette digging in the sand

Graham in the Ocean.

Scarlette and Gwen getting their feet wet.

Baby feet in the sand:)

Graham at Karate Class

He's the one on the far left closest to blue part of mat.

Water table fun.

Scarlette and Tatum at the beach

Bathing beauty.

Lyndsie, Kaylen, Me and Scarlette, Stacey and Tatum, Evangeline Tiffanie and Karson in front of Stacie's Police car in Sausalito.

Me and my baby.. pool side.

Gab... Tap number in the recital

Gwen- recital.

Mona, Tiffanie and I in the recital.

Gwen- ballet

Graham at the park 

Chad and a pelican when we went to Santa Cruz for his birthday.

My toes and the sea lions.

Me and a pelican... these pelicans were so not afraid!

Me and my girl at the beach

Scarlette and Tatum sitting in a puddle at the beach.

Cute Girl!

Things I Made...
Stash shirts ...gifts for Christmas

Vintage Ornament Wreath..... ADVICE.... do not hang out side in cold... all ornaments will jump off:(

Book made into a tree.

Infinity Scarf... modeled by Gab

More infinity scarves.

Little's Old Room... Painted half and half.

Leg warmers for Scarlette

Littles old room.

Crochet Ear Flap Hat

Crochet Head Band

Crochet Gnome

Crochet Coffee Cozy

Crochet Head Band

Crochet Hat

Scarlette Starts Dance....

Scarlette and Assistant teacher Jennifer... Scarlette thinks she gets to help teach:)

This is one of the girls old recital costumes.

Tap !

All ready for Class

Tatum and Scarlette

Tatum, Scarlette and Karson

Sweet Face

Tap shoes

This is another old recital costume.

I didn't take many pics... but here are a few highlights.
Gabby Christmas eve.

Tiffanie and I on the wine train.. We took the littles on the wine train... they do a special for Christmas.. two free kids with one adult ticket... which they deeply discount. The fun part is Santa, elves, frosty, rudolph and carolers walk through the train. You can order from a menu of pastrys and other snacks and of course a wine and cocktail list and hot coco for the kids... we did it every year when the girls were little.

Scarlette .. Christmas morning.

Gwen.. Christmas Morning.

graham.. Christmas Morning.

Graham and his papa Carl- Christmas Eve

Scarlette and Grandma Sherri.

Scarlette wasn't so thrilled when Santa Got close.

She liked waving at him though

Karson and Graham on the train.

Scarlette and Tatum on the Train.

My kidos and their gingerbread masterpiece

These are the only pictures I have of all of them together... 

Scarlette really wanted to eat the candy.. 

Sitting on Santa's lap at the Yountville community center Christmas party.  This is another free community event.  They poor chandon sparkling wine and yummy local appetizers and chocolate:) We were there for Gwen to perform her tap and baton routines.

Tatum and Scarlette eating their popcorn after all the performances were over.

Cute Girls

Graham, Cheesy Scarlette, Tatum and Karson

watching the performers...they sat so still and good for the whole show.

Gwen's group... she is the brunette second from right end of the line.

Meet our mischievous elf .... Howie... he is our VINTAGE elf on the shelf. I was not about to pay $35 for the actual elf on the shelf when I had a perfectly cute vintage one.  He turned our milk green that day!  Scarlette  asks me every day... where's Howie?  The concept of the North Pole is a hard one for her to grasp.

PHEW!!!! Now I can move on to this year!


Colima said...

I LOVE Scarlette's face in that first picture with the egg! So.cute. And I really like that wreath with the glass balls.