Monday, February 11, 2013

Our family is expanding...

I know I haven't blogged in's not because I haven't had tons to blog about. It's a technology problem... My lap top and desk top both died. So my phone is the only option at the moment which takes forever. I'm getting a new laptop next month and hope to get back to blogging! On to the subject at hand....

The big news is I am expecting baby number 5! It was a giant surprise to both of us. Yes, we know how it happens and yes we were using protection.... We just happened to fall into the 1% who conceive despite the contraception. Sorry if this is TMI!

I'm not sure of my exact due date it could be mid Sept-early Oct depending on my last period which if I knew when that was it would be helpful... I have an appointment on the 19th and they will give me an exact due date.

A few weeks ago I realized it had been awhile since my laat period... So I started asking different friends that I talk to daily if they remember if I had mentioned when my last period was and no one remembered... Including myself. My best guess was shortly before Christmas. I was in a bit of denial... I told myself I was really tired because I was getting ready to start and we had been sooo busy, my boobs were sore because I was going to start...I was nauseous because I had a touch of the flu ... I was late because I just lost ten lbs so my cycle was off ... Basically I had a good reason for every symptom.

Last week my sis was asking if I ever started and when I said no she started asking about symptoms and when I answered yes to so many of the questions she said go get a test! Even up to the second right before the + popped up on the test I was sure it was going to be negative ... So when the + popped up I was so shocked I almost fell of the potty!

My hubby was shocked as well... But we are both excited now that we have had a chance to absorb it. Gabby was appalled and said we were to old to be "doing it"... Which cracked me up! Gwen was mad ...they both have come around though.
Graham was funny... He said. "i want a brother so I'm not the only boy...except old dad!" Scarlette is excited to be a big sis and wants it to be a girl.

I literally got rid of every baby and maternity item except the high chair and pack n play. So we are starting from scratch.. I would love any recommendations on the latest and greatest baby gear!

I turn Gulp... 39 next month and now I'm having a baby! Chads company is going to Puerto Rico in Jan and we were planning on my in laws coming to stay with kids and me going with.... Looks like we will be taking the baby with us on the trip... Which will still be a vacation for me:). Chances of twins increase as uou age ... cant wait for my Dr. appt so i can know there is just one baby! These are the things that run through my head. I will be raising kids from the age of 23-57... That's a long time!

I don't want anyone to think I am complaining .. Because I love my kids and am so lucky to have 4 and hopefully 5 healthy kidos!!! I hope this pregnancy/labor is as uncomplicated as the others.
And we need S name ideas!!


Mary Grace McNamara said...

This baby will be the best thing that ever happened to your family! I had my last two at 40 and 42, so you're just a young chick! The best thing you could ever give to your children is siblings! Congratulations to all of you!


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...


Heather said...

Do you mind sharing why you have chosen G & S names? Just curious :)... Here's some ideas: Samuel, Sammy, Stephanie, Serafina, Sarah, Stephanie, Stanley, Sally, Sylvie(a), Scott, Sadeta, Sofia, Shannon, Shelly, Sheldon, Sabine, Sadie, Sherry, Stacy, Sean, Seamus, Sage, Saffron, Sasha, Sawyer, Sephora, Stacia, Serena,
Stuart, Stella, Sonora.. oh I could keep going. LOL
Congrats and good luck!!