Saturday, September 7, 2013

Items for me and Baby

 Three posts in three days... its a record for me this year.. I have missed blogging and hope to be back at it more consistently... life has just been super busy... yes, I know I'm adding a 5th child to the equation... but,  I have been working at the shop and doing child care at home as well as taking care of my kids etc.

 I will still be working at the shop and making things at home for the shop.. but I decided doing child care on top of it all was just too much... So, I am hoping that by eliminating that I will have a bit more time for my home, family, crafts, blogging and me time!

 I thought I would share some of the fun items I purchased for me and the baby.... I unfortunately had given away or sold pretty much every thing after Scarlette was done with it.  With the exception of my vintage high chair, a pack n play and a few clothes from when Graham was a baby.  Friends have given me some nice hand me down items and threw me a shower so I pretty much have everything I need at this point other than a video monitor, which I will not need for a bit.... until he is in his crib in the nursery with Graham and Scarlette. Then it will be an absolute necessity... because I fear Scarlette deciding she needs to sleep with him in his crib... because she has all ready asked if he could sleep in her bed with her! YIKES  If you have and recommendations on a great video monitor with a large screen and the ability to talk to the kids through it I would love to hear about it ... Oh and not SUPER expensive!

This cute hospital gown by Baby be Mine... because this is soo much more fun than the ones the Hospital provides.

Isabelle Gownie

I thought I would try this out as a way to help collect milk for when I have to go work in the shop. It is called Milkies milk saver... you use it on the side you are not nursing on and it is supposed to catch any milk that leaks... We shall see how it actually works! It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

I ordered a tummy belt/girdle for after to help shrink my belly back... Last time I used the Brook Burke one and it was pricey so I read amazon reviews and decided to try this much less expensive one based on the fact it received good reviews. It is made by underworks.  Again we shall see how it works and if it works as well as the one I had before.

I also ordered a hip shrinker when it was on sale on Zulilly. It is made by Shrinkx and supposedly works great! I will be lovely and all wrapped up... but we have a trip planned to Puerto Rico in January and I can not look like a big old blob!


For the baby I ordered this fun Tub... Called the Puj Tub.. I love that it is flat when not in use..... so much less bulky  than the regular baby tubs. The Photo below is when it is flat!

I saw this on shark tank way before I was pregnant and thought that is such a great idea!  It's called the Cool Wazoo.  It happened to be on sale on Zulilly so I purchased it. Its a changing pad, high chair cover, cart cover and a park swing insert to keep your baby from getting too hot in the swing. I all ready know this will get a ton of use!

I will try to do a post after I have tried all these items out and let you know what I think of everything. We are still working on the nursery.. It is almost done and I will share photos of that as well!