Friday, September 6, 2013

Maternity Photos

I decided it was a must to do Maternity photos this time ... being that it is #5 (& LAST) and I have never  done professional photos during pregnancy! So here they are.. I am very happy we did them!

This is my FAVE... me and all my babies!

Parker is the name we finally decided on! Not an S or G name but his middle name will be Grey... so he will still have a "G" name in there.

My BFF and I ended up being pregnant together and our babies are due 11 days apart.. and she is having a boy also... so we needed to have a double belly photo.

 My belly looks sooo much bigger but she is due first!  

I'm happy to have these!  
I have gained a TON of weight.... a ton!   more than any other time GULP... Lots of hard work in the near future but I've done it a few times before so I think I will be ok! 

Hopefully it will not be much longer.. I'm ready for this little man.
In the mean time I am enjoying some one on one time with my current baby Scarlette Grace.