Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Parker Grey's Birth

My sweet boy is two months old today...sniff...and I'm just now getting around to writing his birth story. 

His due date was September 20th... But I really wanted to have him the 5th or 6th... Those dates came and went ...even though I begged my Dr., he wouldn't strip my membranes that early.....doing so has always started my labor.

 Finally ....September 10th he did strip my membranes and told me he doubted anything would happen because I was only 2cm and my cervix was still pretty thick.  I went home and was slightly uncomfortable the rest of the day and didn't sleep well that night.

I woke up the morning of September 11th.. Not the day I would choose for my child's birthday... Only because there is so much sadness associated with this date. I was awake at 6am and was having contractions 10 min apart, I timed them for and hour and then called my husband who was 3 hours from home on business. He of course got stuck in bay area traffic coming home ....which made us both nervous because my labors go pretty quick.  I sent my Dr. a text and let him know I was in labor...he called me and said don't wait too long to go to the hospital.   Chad finaly arrived home about 10:30 and he said "you are not in enough pain" meaning: are you sure about this?  

We got to the hospital around 11am and ran into my BFF Tiffanie who had just had Parkers bff  Kohen three days before.   The nurses checked me and I was still only 2cm... They had me walk for an hour to see if I would make any progress... So we got back to the room about 12:15 and had only made a tiny bit of progress so they were going to send us home... But they had to monitor the baby for 30 minutes first to make sure he was ok.  During that time Tiffanie and Kohen were discharged and thought we were going home too... 

I said to the Dr. " these contractions are hurting  and you want me to go home"?Over the course of the 30 minutes of monitoring the Dr. Realized that I was my contractions were getting serious and decided I could stay... 12:45 at that point. 

 It took them 4 tries and almost an hour and finally the Dr. had to start my iv... In between really strong contractions. This was miserable and  I was bruised for over a week in 3 places... Apparently my veins are hard to find.... Which I knew from previous labors but this time was the worst.   

Once that problem, was resolved he broke my water which always turns up the conrtactions and pain for me. Pretty much from then on I felt the need to push but wasnt fully dilated so they kept telling me not to... So I was literally squeezing my knees together trying to hold him in!  

My hubby was so great and was my rock... He really helped me remain calm and breathe through the PAIN! Yes, he has been there 4 other times but this time seemed different to me.  We were both nervous for me and the baby since I am in the lovely advanced maternal age category.😖such a hideous title.

 Finally it was time to push and push i did... He came flying out in one push and according to my mom and Chad the Dr. almost dropped him because he was not expecting him to  fly out in one push.  

Thank goodness I didn't go home because he was born at 3:15pm.

He was my biggest baby at 8 lbs 6 oz 21" long.  Thank goodness he was early or he would have been gigantic!!!! Yikes!!

My claim to fame....... I have had 5 babies with out an epidural!

Me and my precious family minus my Gabby girl... She was there but was grouchy and didnt want to be in the photo.  😞

She made up for it later that evening with this:

I took a snap shot of it so I would have it to look back on.. Because moments like that are rare and special. 

The next day after school .. All of my babies together!  

Kohen and Parker meet for the first time! 
Time to go home!!!! 

Today on his two month birthday at his two month check up... Fat and happy.
This boy is getting huge fast... He weighed in at 13 pounds 6.5oz. And 24.5inches long.  He is now in the 95th% for weight and 90th% for height! Funny thing is he is a pound lighter at this age than Graham was! 

We love him to pieces and can't imagine life without him!