Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Thoughts on Our Baby Gear

A few posts ago I shared some of the baby and maternity items that I had purchased and I have since used them all .. And am sharing my thoughts on those items and maybe a couple others as well.

I bought this Baby Be Mine gown for the hospital and it was so worth it to feel pretty and have a fresh clean new gown of my own... The shoulders unsnap for breast feeding just like a regular hospital gown and it was nice for photos. I sold it to a friend who is due soon for half the price I paid .. If I was a first time parent I would have kept it for the next time... But we are done!

The Milkies Milk Saver is one of my favorite purchases and I really recommend it.. It works amazingly. It goes on the breast you are not nursing on... And when your milk lets down it goes into the milk saver....It is a tad big and bulky....which makes it  not very convenient when you have company or are in public... But in private you can use it once or twice a day and stock up milk.  I can usually get 3-4oz if I use it twice a day...having it handy to where you feed baby is key. 

The jury is still out on this one. Shrinkx hip shrinker....  I find it hard to sit down while wearing it so i don't wear it often enough.  

In theory this Puj Tub would be a great product reality it didn't work any of the sinks in my vintage house which caused it to come apart.... not safe or comfortable for baby at that point.    I ended up returning this because it wasn't working for me, the only good things about it are it was easy to store and I like the color.   I replaced it with this tub.....

The Fisher Price Little Lamb Vibrating tub.. It is great!  I can hang it up on the shower curtain rod to dry, the hammock part is super comfy.. Chad was saying they should make those for adult bath tubs! I have not used the vibrating part.. just have not felt like messing with batteries.  This tub has plenty of room and I will be able to use it for quite awhile and it was less money than the PUJ.

I really like the Cool Wazoo... I really have only used it one of the many ways it can be used... as a changing pad and laying it on the ground for Parker to hang out on.  My only complaint is it is a bit big and bulky when folded in my diaper bag.  It washes well and is a great size for changing baby on.

This is the Ubbi Diaper Pail ... I love it! It was pricey but so far it has been great. You can use any trash bag in it for disposables or a pail liner for cloth diapers.  We used disposables for the first 2 months and just started with cloth... more on that in another post... and with both types of diapers there is absolutely no smell... unless you leave the little door on top open. The pail is super cute.. comes in many colors and is made of stainless steel... the only thing you have to be careful of is not to overfill it or it makes it hard to get the bag out.

I am still looking for a baby monitor.. there are a ton of choices ... I know I want one with good range a big viewing screen and the ability to talk to the kids from the parents unit.. in case the bigger two are bugging the baby! Still doing my research.

I purchased this stroller after tons of research and a recommendation from a friend. Its the city select stroller by baby jogger
It can be configured 14 or 16 different ways.. it comes in tons of colors... this is the color that we got...we have the baby bassinet that goes on it so its like a pram.. which Parker Loves! We can pop our car seat on it and I purchased a second seat so Scarlette can ride when needed.. the seats pop on and off easily, it folds easily, I love all the configuration options, it has a hand break which is awesome, it isn't a jogging stroller... which is fine for us. It is expensive.. but so far it is soo worth it.

I am off to do chores and headed to a clothing swap with my girlfriends.

*all thoughts and opinions are my own.