Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Weekly Topic


I decided a couple of months ago that I was going to do these weekly posts to keep my self accountable and motivated.

It has officially been two weeks since I had miss Scarlette and now I am trying to get back into shape. Yes, the Dr.'s say wait 6 weeks, but that is not how I do things! After Graham was born I was back doing tap and Ballet after two weeks.

I ended up only gaining 40lbs which was better than last time when I gained 50. However I still had 7 of those pounds left when I got pregnant this time.
So my Goal is to lose 47 lbs, egads that sounds like a lot!
Since leaving the hospital I have lost 15.5LBS
Total left to LOSE: 31.5 LBS - That is like losing Graham in weight, sheesh

Today, I did a half hour of Yoga, it felt really good. Wasn't the most relaxing though because Graham was driving cars over and around me. HA HA

If anyone wants to join me on this journey leave me a comment and if there is enough interest I will make a button and we can add some recipes and tips. Oh, and we can do a weekly link on my blog for everyone who does a post about their progress!

To help motivate myself, I am going to post a picture of my self between the first two babies and the second set of babies.

Me, Melissa and Jenny at Melissa's wedding in San Francisco.
I have been friends with these girls since 7th grade:)
Me, in my size 2 red dress!
Yes, I am proud of that fact and hoping to wear that dress again sooner rather than later!
Click on the pic to make it bigger, my face looks funny in the small version. Try not to notice the red eyes, it is 11:30p and I need to get to bed!

Donna, Heidi, Me and Annie in Napa drinking so wine:)
Still have the jeans (top too), can't wait to wear them again they are Citizens for Humanity and were my favorite pair!

Can't wait to get back to CA and my girl friends!
I do not have a pic of my fat self at the moment, maybe next week I will post one!


Tasha Riley said...

2 weeks....I'm five years post Zachary and still working on it! I'm totally on board to join you, but you need to take it easy girl!

Landon Taylor Sanchez said...

You know I am in on this with you! I am taking a little more time than you are to get back on track though and I am going to start the diet in September.

Artfulife said...

Count me in! I am keeping in touch with a few of my dear friends on Facebook too. My goal is 30 pounds as well. I have already lost two. I'm walking 3 miles every morning at 5:45 am with 5 pound hand weights. I'm so motivated and the more people I workout with, close or far away, it impowers me. There is strength in numbers! Look forward to hearing more about this :)

Sarah said...

I'd love to be a part of this! My second is 17 mos old and I have about 10 pounds left to lose....

Heidi said...

Give me about 6 more weeks and I'll be joining you on Wednesdays. ;) I'm SO ready to get back to my normal body, but can't do anything about it quite yet! I wish I could bottle up my feelings of motivation and uncork them when baby's here and I'm feeling wiped out. :) I told DH from the beginning of this pregnancy that when it's over, I'm getting a personal trainer. I need some accountability!

Caren Araujo said...

You've been tagged. Check out my blog for details. Kisses!