Thursday, January 21, 2010

Graham's Big Boy Bed

If you have been following along on my blogging journey you will know that my little dude started climbing out of his crib shortly after he was a year old.  So... I bought a crib tent and that worked until a month or so ago... he figured out how to open it and climb out.  I came to the conclusion that it is now time for the toddler bed... so he didn't kill himself climbing in and out of his crib. I swear he thought he was pole vaulting!

I had purchased a vintage head board and foot board(5$) here in Napa before we moved to NC, I don't think he was even a year old yet.  It has been to NC and back and is finally being used.
There was one problem, it didn't have the rails to connect the headboard and foot board.
Chad had no desire to deal with it so he told me to as our friend Keith to build something, handy guy that he is. Chad just returned home after being gone since last Friday. Ugg
While he was gone I asked Keith and he happened to have a day off yesterday due to the crazy weather. He ever so nicely went to home depot and picked up all the supplies and lugged all of his tools to our house.  It is super cute and super sturdy, all three of the big kids where on it together last night!  Keith was also super sweet and only charged us for materials and his labor was Grahams bday gift, how nice is he!!  Chad was happy to come home and see it done.

Here is my little dude sitting on his darling vintage bed ever so happily.
Two nights in a row and one nap without him getting out of bed once!!! Hope it lasts.

Thank you Keith, we love it!!
Thanks Tiffanie for sharing your hubby:)