Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Actually MADE Something & A Before & After

Yippeee... I finally finished a few projects.  I just now have had the time to settle down and work on some projects... unpacking, the holidays and Graham's bday kept me busy until now.

I whipped this hat up pretty quickly. Originally I started making it for me, then Gabby decided she wanted it...until I added the flower. So now it is miss Gwen's  It is not quite big enough for me anyway.

I will be making one for me soon, I need to get some yummy cream yarn or soft grey.

Gabby Modeling it for me.

I started this hat in NC quite a few months ago... I think even before Scarlette was born.  It is still a bit big for her.  This is a pattern from the book Vintage baby knits... someone on line has it posted for free though. Don't know where because all of my bookmarks are trapped on my laptop!


This is a picture of part of my dining room, these are the curtains that came with the house.  Nothing wrong with them other than they were hung too high and they are soooo dark(brown), they look so weird with my light colored decor.

New curtains.
I used drop cloths to make these, and I LOVE them. I have seen tons of people online using drop cloths for all kinds of home decor projects and had to jump on the band wagon.  Such an in-expensive way to get pretty curtains.... and if you get sick of them someday, you can always use them as actual drop cloths:)

I have two more of these huge windows in the living room which is connected to the dining room and am going to make these curtains for those windows too.  I can't wait to get my new/vintage dinning room table sanded and painted, it will look soooo perfect in here.

So many projects.... so little time.


Wendy said...

The hats are really cute :)

Love the curtains! I have debated them, too, but my walls are beige so I think it would blend in too much for me. But they look awesome!