Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Estate Sale Goodies

I went to an estate sale over the weekend, it was so nice to be out junking:)  It has been ages since I went to a sale of any kind!   It was a pretty good sale, found some treasures for me and the shoppe!
As always if you see something that I am going to put into the shoppe and you have to have it, just drop me an email and we will make it yours!

I am loving this lacey pillow cover, I just threw a floral pillow in it to take the picture. I need to find my pillow inserts and give it an iron.  Then it will look FAB!!
I am keeping it:)

When you go to estate sales you usually get to walk through the house and get a glimpse of what the person was like.  This time they had left everything in the drawers, so I was literally digging through this ladies drawers.  Which felt a bit intrusive. Then I decided maybe this lady would be happy to know someone is excited to have her stuff and will cherish it!

Black nightie will be going in the shoppe.  $12.00 Plus Shipping.  Middle picture is a pink half slip, a funny aqua blue nightie and a hot pink nightie. The hot pink one will be going in the shoppe. $12.00 plus shipping.  This mauveish one I am keeping, I actually wore it to bed last night:)
They are all in really great shape. 
The funny thing is that there was about 30 more slips and nighties that I did not buy.

I Haven't yet decided which half slips I am keeping and which ones are going in the shoppe. I need to go through my slips and then decide which ones I will use. I actually wear half slips a lot.
Pretty black half slip, red half slip- color is more red in person.  I am also keeping the red nightie.

I am keeping the first black one, it is super flattering on, the second one is a full slip, it is so pretty.  It will be $10 plus shipping.
A picture of the pink half slip from the first group of pictures.

Lavender and red half slips, which I LOVE!

This one make me sad to sell, but it is just too big:(  It is sooo pretty and such a beautiful shade of fuschia, it kills me that is doesn't fit.  It will be $28.00 plus shipping in the shoppe.
More vintage Christmas goodies, you may see some of these items in the shoppe later this year. 

6 vintage pillow cases and two towels, will be cutting some of these up for the vintage sheet swap!
 The towels have crocheted edging, the white one is a sac towel, which are the best.

Vintage leather hand bag, it is pretty big.  Not sure if it is me, so it will prob go in the shoppe, it is pretty cool, so it is a hard call. Or maybe I will give it as a gift. hmmm

This vintage handbag is a keeper,  goldish with a handy mirror that flips out and an attached black satin coin purse~
Plus it is small so it doesn't take up a lot of space.  I have a few vintage handbags in my garage I need to put in the shoppe.

These are both going in the shoppe.  I all ready have the pink one and I have aqua not blue in my kitchen. I do love it though.  They will be 8$ each plus shipping. They are the smallest size bowls in the mixing bowl sets.

 Close up of Santa who I LOVE!

Now you have seen all my treasures!
In the beginning of my blogging journey I was actually inspired to blog because I saw so many junking blogs and thought it would be fun. Somewhere along the way the blog has morphed into so much more.  I am actually in the process of putting together a blog book on blurb, not everything will go in it. I am excited to see how it is going to turn out. It is a bit time consuming though.
See you tomorrow for WLW.


LoloDesigns said...

Wow look at all those slips! I love the first black that looks all floaty, gorgeous.

Don't get estate sales over here, wish we did they sound like so much fun! xx

Heidi said...

ooh, BIG score! I love those colored slips with the cream lace, I've never seen bright fun colors like that--only black and white. I think I'd be tempted to wear those slips on the outside! Love the Christmas stuff, of course. I have a tree topper box just like yours and it's one of my favorite things.

Wendy said...

Im so jealous! The christmas, the linens, the Pyrex... you did great!