Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Baby is 6 Months Old Today:(

I can not believe Scarlette is 6 months old all ready, it flew by.  She is such a sweet, good baby and we are loving every moment with her.
6 Month Milestones:
Sitting up unassisted
She has been saying Dada for over a month and now she is saying it all the time- (Poor Mama)
Giggling all the time.
Making raspberry noises
We started solid foods a couple weeks ago and she is loving it.  She is eating any where from 1-3 cubes of homemade baby food.
Gwen got her to take 1 oz from a bottle today FINALLY.  Then she was done with the bottle, so mommy can't get away for longer than 4 hours.
She loves her sisters and brother and gets so excited to see them, even if Graham is a bit rough with her.
She can roll from front to back, she doesn't spend a lot of time laying on the floor due to her brother being a WILD man.
I kiss her face off all day long.  Gwen sometimes kisses her so much the poor baby cries!

I took these pictures today, we were having a PJ day and I decided it was not worth my time to put her in clothes. So... PJ's it is:)

Five minutes to spare before she is 6 months and 1 day old.
Off to bed I go!