Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start of Something Fun....

Just have to say I love the new photo uploader.... so much easier!  woo hoo

We have a pretty great back yard at this house, big patio, pool and wooden play structure for kids, raised bed for garden-which we planted over the weekend. .... that being said it is not very pretty at the moment.
Chad has been working really hard pruning all the trees and bushes removing weeds etc.  We have a super ugly metal storage shed that need to be painted or hidden some how.
So I made a back yard wish list and decided to get started with some of the things I could do myself.
We have a ton of vintage wooden mix and match chairs and I decided to paint them each a different color to put around our table outside.

Was so excited to get painting I almost forgot to take a before picture!  Better take some of the yard too!
We got this chair for free, Chad spotted it on the side of the road!

I got a can of aqua rustoleum and a can of clear varnish type stuff ..

And voila it is soooo perfect!  
Can't wait to paint the next one, Chad is bringing one home from OR from Grandmas house......  Maybe Candy apple RED!!!!  


Rose Charles said...

Hi Jenifer,

The chair looks fab :-)
I LOVE that colour!
At the moment we have a donated set of table & chairs that Chris's cousin has lent us while she is off teaching in Africa. No idea what we are going to do when she gets back! I am never so lucky as to find chairs by the side of the road... They are even few and far between in the thrift shops here!

Have a great week :-)
Rose X

sandandstarfish said...

i just emptied a can of the same aqua on a mirror, clothespins, starfish, a homemade topsy turvy (http://sandandstarfish.com/2010/04/14/homemade-topsy-turvy/) and a couple picture frames :) loooooove that color!
and love the different color chair ideas! how fun and exciting!

call me crazy said...

I love the chair!! :-)

Wendy said...

Love the color! And the shape :) Ive been thinking about doing something like that (mismatched chairs). When we bought our table & chairs, we got 4 chairs. Now there is 5 of us, and when Morgie outgrows the high chair, we will need another. And I'm NOT interested in paying brand new, retail prices!