Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apple Hill

As a family we went on a day trip to apple hill.  It is about an hour and 30 minutes away, Which is just about the right amount of time in the car with four kids and a little dog:) There are about 100+ apple farms to visit. 
Pictures are in reverse order but I do not want to fix them ... takes too long.

 Scarlette tasting the merchandise before we bought it:)
Good thing she is cute
 Me and Scarlette Grace walking through the apple trees.  It is super dusty in out there so try to ignore the outfit.
 Cute feet.
 Gwen pushing Graham on a tire swing at one of the farms.
 Little Man picking raspberries.
 Scarlette heading into the raspberry bushes.
 Yummy raspberries!
 Cute apple head.
 sitting on some hay bales.
 Dirty dirty face.
 Cute kidos sitting on a milk can and a tractor seat made into a chair.. soo cute.
Sweet babies

My boy on the train.

 Checking out the engine:)
 Chad and Gabby picking apples.

 Such a big girl walking through the apple trees.

 Picking her first apple.

Graham watching Scarlette put apples in the box and Chuy pepe sniffing around under the apple tree.

 Gwen, Scarlette, Graham and Chad on the train
 Me, Scarlette and Graham on the hay ride.
 Gabby being way too cool to go on the hay ride. Teenagers!
 My boy waiting for the hay ride to start.
 Pretty apple tree during our hay ride.
 Kids in front of the tractor after the hay ride.
We visited about 6 farms and had a great day, ate some caramel apples, apple wine and apple pie.:)
This is a great fall family activity.  Graham got in the car at the end of the day and said " I had soo much fun Mommy."  Perfect end to a wonderful day.


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh wow!!! What a lovely lovely day! I forget what warm and sunny days are like right now, it's soooo chilly over here. Adorable kids by the way. x

Tasha Riley said...

Looks like so much fun! I think I want to try and do that this weekend!! Love the pic of Scarlette going for the raspberries...