Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My First Crochet Project

I know you are all thinking but you have shown us projects before... well those were all knitted. I learned to knit as a little girl and only ever learned to crochet a chain.  Before I had Scarlette I edged a flannel blanket with crochet stitches.. and that is about it for crochet.  I found this baby hat patten on raverly and hat to figure it out.  I had to borrow a crochet hook from my neighbor Jane.  

This was my second attempt... first one I was doing one of the stitches wrong and it was yam aka sized:)
I gave it to my sister for my baby niece who will be born on the 7th of December.  I want to make one for Scarlette. I am pretty happy with how it turned out:)


Colima said...

Oh, it's super cute! It took me for-ever to figure out crochet! I tried that first because I figured one needle would be easier than two but I kept adding stitches and my work would grow and grow! So, knitted for a few years before I made up my mind that I would conquer crochet. Good job on the hat!