Friday, November 19, 2010

San Francisco Zoo

Some Highlights of our trip to the San Francisco Zoo with the Feigel Family. Gabby decided not to join us on this BORING.

 Graham and Gwen
 Scarlette looking at the animals
 Scarlette petting a goat.

 Graham being as big as the gorilla.
 Karson's turn
 Scarlette and Tatum
 Flamingos... notice the baby peeking out from under the wing of its mama. Cutest thing ever.
 All the kidos sitting on a fake turtle.

 Scarlette and Gwen
 Karson, Gwen and Graham
 Tatum pointing to the duckies.

 Looking at the baby chicks.
Tatum and a sheep.
We were super lucky.. the weather was amazing in SF that fog:) 
Another fun family day:)