Sunday, July 17, 2011

3rd of July- Silverado Country Club

I have soooo many posts to do.... all the way back to Easter... I spent one whole night just editing photos.... Now I just need to get posting.
I am starting with this post because it will be a quick one compared to the others.

Last year we went to Silverado country club on the the 3rd for fireworks for the first time and we loved it so we had to go back again this year. It is fun because you get to sit on the fairway with your picnic blanket.

Big brother holding sissy's hand... makes my heart hurt from the sweetness of it.

Graham Ready and waiting.

Graham and Karson watching the show.

Scarlette eating red vines and being super silly.

Silly goose

Gabby and Emily waiting for the fireworks to start.... 

Gwen and her friend Lexi watching the show.

Graham being silly.

Boys watching the fireworks

Karson, Scarlette and Tatum ... This year

and last year.

Scarlette and Tatum were tiny babies.... so sad!

Karson giving Scarlette a ride in a baby doll stroller.

More red vines

Some how I have once again managed to not be in any pictures... and no family picture... uggg.. I really need to be better about that.